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We believe that churches or charity organization of any size should have access to a great, effective and affordable Cloud-based solutions that would enable them to deliver first-class church and ministry management. Irrespective of your size and financial standing, we have priced our database and accounting management system in a way that makes it affordable for all organisations. Being a charity organisation, our solution has been designed to support low-income registered and unregistered charitable organisations. Please visit our signup page for details about various packages that we offer:

We use advanced and dedicated server hosted in United Kingdom with high level of security solutions to prevent hackers and cyber scammers. We have firewall systems to keep snoopers out and to keep your data safe. We have done everything practicable to ensure that your data are secured while high level of data management integrity has been put in place to ensure that your data are strictly for what have been agreed with you.
CHURCHDBMAS is web-based solution that with a very excellent user interface. This solution is not device specific while you do not need to download or install anything on your computer or device to use it. You are welcome to access on any device of your choice without any hinderance or barrier. Should you encounter any problem accessing the solution on any device, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately and this will be rectified within few hours.
Absolutely! All our plans include 24hours turn-around technical support. Our support team pick up technical support tickets 24×7 and we endeavour to resolve every query in less than 24 hours, except for specific requirements that may need us to develop a module on the system to meet your need once agreed with you.

We pride in supporting all sizes of organisation. We are well familiar with the fact that many smaller organisations might be using a cloud-based solution for the first time with a few or no high techno manpower. We have available telephone technical support to ensure that the administrator can adequately set up the system, create accounts, post transactions and generate various reports that are important for the growth and operations of the organisation.

If there’s something you need, we’ve probably already thought of it and included it. However, we are improving the solutions from time to time and an upgrade version will be made available soon. Should you have a specific need, please speak to us and we will be happy to engage with you to ensure that the modules are delivered in our next upgrade.
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